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Mortgage Simulator



This content type allows you to display an interactive mortgage simulator with editable parameters.

Content Mortgage Simulator

Actions within Compositeur Digital UX

Mortgage simulator supports the following action. To have a complete overview of each action, see the section Actions

Actions menu

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Content extension

To use a mortgage simulator, add the extension .simupret at the end of the name of your folder.

Create a mortgage simulator

  1. In your environment folder, create a folder named <Name of your mortgage simulator>.simupret (e.g. My simulator.simupret).
  2. (Optional) You can change the preview of the mortgage simulator. In your .simupret folder, put an image (.jpg or .png) named _preview. If you don’t provide a _preview, the item will have a default preview (shown below).

Mortgage simulator folder Mortgage simulator preview

Metadata available

Metadata Key Type Default Description
simulator.additionalCostsRateDefaultValue number 0 sets the default value of the addtional costs rate
simulator.additionalCostsRateLabel text Additional costs sets the label of the additional costs line
simulator.additionalCostsRateMinValue number 0 sets the min value for the additional costs rate
simulator.additionalCostsRateMaxValue number 50 sets the max value for the additional costs rate
simulator.additionalCostsRateTickFrequency number 1 sets the interval between two values for the additional costs rate
simulator.creditMaxValue number 800000 sets the maximum value of a loan
simulator.creditTickFrequency number 5000 sets the interval between two values for a loan
simulator.creditDefaultValue number 300000 sets the default loan value
simulator.durationMinValue number 5 sets the shortest duration of a loan
simulator.durationMaxValue number 30 sets the longest duration of a loan
simulator.durationTickFrequency number 1 sets the interval between two values for a loan duration
simulator.durationDefaultValue number 20 sets the default duration of a loan
simulator.hideInfine number false hide the “in Fine” option
simulator.infineDefaultValue number false sets the default value of a In Fine option

Download a sample

A Demo Universe which contains samples for a mortgage simulator is available, give it a try! 😄

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