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Advanced configuration



You can modify a document’s behavior or associated actions using specific parameters described in a file named _meta.txt.

To modify the behavior of a folder in the application, the meta file must be placed inside the targeted folder.

To modify the behavior of a document in the application, the meta file must be named after the document’s file name followed by the suffix _meta and the txt extension. It must be saved at the same location as the target document.

For example, for a file named 1 - image.jpg, the corresponding meta file should to be named as follows : 1 - image_meta.txt.

In the meta file, each line (called meta) shall describe a parameter using the following structure: metaName = value

A binary meta (true or false) is described as follows: metaName = true. It’s default value is false. The values 1 (true) and 0 (false) can also be used.

To apply a specific behavior to a set of documents, use the *. prefix on the description of the meta and save the meta file in the folder containing the set of targeted documents

Example : *.table.hideCommands = true

Document configuration


Metadata key Value Description
disableAnnotation true/false - 1/0 Hides the annotation button.
disableDuplicate Hides the duplicate button.
disablePrint Hides the print button.
disableSendBehind Hides the “send to background” button.
table.hideCommands Hides the control buttons of a document. On a slideshow, the buttons Next, Previous and Slides will disappear. On a video, the buttons play/pause, mute and the progress bar will disappear.


Metadata key Value Description
table.noMove true/false - 1/0 Inhibits all movements for the document (it will be opened in the middle of the screen).
table.noRotate Inhibits rotation for the document.
table.noScale Inhibits resizing for the document.

Size and displayed tags

Metadata key Value Description
desiredHeight 400 (number) or 60% (percent*) Sets the default height of the document.
desiredWidth Sets the default width of the document.
hideLinkLabel true/false - 1/0 Hides the name of the document.
minHeight 400 (number) or 60% (percent*) Sets the minimum height of the document.
minWidth Sets the minimum width of the document.
maxHeight Sets the maximum height of the document.
maxWidth Sets the maximum width of the document.
name A name (characters) Changes the displayed name of a document to “A name” (example).
table.alwaysBehind true/false - 1/0 Forces the document to stay in background, behind the other documents.
table.hideChrome Hides the shadow, the menu and the close button of a document.
orientation -90 or 90 or 180 (number) Rotates the document using a specified value : -90 to turn left, 90 to turn right or 180 to flip the document.

* 60% means that the document will take 60% of the width (or height) of the screen.

Environment parameters

Theme color

Metadata key Value Description
themeColor 9c211f (hexadecimal color) Sets a specified value for the theme color. By default, the value computed is based on the color of the background (mean value).


Metadata key Value Description
disableContactUs true/false - 1/0 Hides the contact button.
disableHelp Hides the help button.
disableGoBack Hides the back button.
disableQuit Hides the quit button.
disableReset Hides the reset button.


Metadata key Value Description
favorites.disableFastShare true/false - 1/0 Hides the quick share button on all documents.
favorites.disableFavorites Disables the document basket/favorites feature.

Paper notes

Metadata key Value Description
paper.disableBlankSheet true/false - 1/0 Hides the blanksheet creation button.
paper.disablePostIt Hides the note creation button.


Metadata key Value Description
culture en / fr In a file _meta.txt at the universe root, it forces the UI language for this universe.

Note that the default used language is based on your Windows language.

Configuration files

Each parameter must be written using the following structure :

<param name="parameterName" value="parameterValue, secondOptionalValue, third, etc" />


Tag Value Description
AdditionalShareDestinations xml code * Adds new targets for share operations. Handles windows and Compositeur Digital environment variables.
CustomLogUIPath C:\MyPath\ (path) Path where UI logs (= analytics) will be stored. Copy previous logs saved in the default folder into this custom folder. Handle windows environment variables.
DemoItems url, path Address of the demo content (default is It can also be the address of an embedded resource (ex : /Compositeur Digital;component/
DisableAnnotation true / false - 1 /0 If set to true, disables annotations.
DisableBlankSheet If set to true, hides the blanksheet creation.
DisableFastShare If set to true, hides the quick share button on all documents.
DisableFavorites If set to true, disables the basket/favorites feature.
DisplayOnSecondaryScreen If set to true, uses the secondary screen when available.
DisablePrint If set to true, disables print feature.
DisablePostIt If set to true, hides the note creation button.
ExplicitPlugins plugins List of dll plugins to use (ex : CompositeurDigital.ShowUI.BoardPlugins.Wpf.dll).
FavoritesDestinationPath C:\MyPath\ (path) Folder path to where favorites will be saved.
HelpEmailAdress email Custom support email adress.
HomePage Table Defines how the home page is structured.
KioskMode true / false - 1 /0 If set to true, activates the kiosk mode. It hides all menus and the quit button (except if there are several environments).
AutoResetInterval 3 (minutes) In kiosk mode only, duration in minutes between the last user action an automatic environment reload.
ResetOnItemLoading true / false - 1 /0 Resets the environment on loading.
UseLegacyTouchEvents If set to true, forces the use of Windows 7 touch events.

* Example :

<param name="AdditionalShareDestinations">
    <shareDestination name="Universe" path="%UNIVERSE%\Exported Documents\" />


Tag Value Description
ContactInfos xml code * Contains the list of fields to be stored.
DisableFastShare true / false - 1 /0 Hides the quick share button on all documents.
DisableFavorites Disables the document basket/favorites feature.
FavoritesDestinationPath C:\MyPath\ (path) Folder path to which favorites document will be saved.
FolderName characters Displayed name for the basket feature. By default, set to “basket”.

* Example :

      <contactInfo key="true" label="name" />
      <contactInfo label="email" />


Tag Value Description
DisableDuplicate true / false - 1 /0 Hides the duplicate button on all documents.
DisableSendBehind Hides the Send to background button on all documents.


Tag Value Description
AdditionalRootItemsFolderPaths path List of addional directories in which the application will look for new environments.
CacheDirectory Sets a specific folder to store cached files.

Data exchanged between documents

Some types of documents allow you to exchange data between documents (e.g getting a value previously saved and modifying it). A keyword is used to operate this exchange of values. The following keys target attributes of the customer in the Profile view in the menu. Available keys are :

Universes categories

The universes can be sorted into categories by naming them with the pattern category name, universe name . In the start page, you will then see buttons for each category that will display their inner universe on clic. Using the same rule you can have mutiple levels of categories : categoryA, subcategory2, subsubcategoryZ, universe4

To customize categories look, you can add images named category name_preview.jpg or category name_icon.jpgin your Compositeur Digital folder. In this same folder you can add a _meta.txt :

Metadata key Value Description
hideCategoriesTitle true/false - 1/0 Hides the names of all categories.
hidePageTitle Hides the Compositeur Digital title and logo.

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